From high-tensile steel trusses to complete home building supply kits, Superior Steel Frames in Atherton is your must-use construction supplier. Our team has more than 25 years in the steel manufacture and supply industry, so get in touch for reliable and expert service.

Are steel frame homes cheaper than other building options?

Due to the inherent advantages of steel framing, the time spent on site is drastically reduced and hence reduces costs. A reduction of costs also occurs due to not having to introduce additional termite prevention measures. You will move into your home quicker and on budget if choosing the steel frame option.

How much assembly do your kit homes require?

As long-term residents of Far North Queensland, Superior Steel Frames know how important a strong frame is for minimising cyclone damage. All of our steel products come with varying cyclone resistance, up to the highest required rating for Queensland (C3).

We can also provide a full set of engineered construction issue plans up to the relevant cyclonic wind rating.

How much assembly do your kit homes require?

Superior Steel Frames supplies quality steel framed structure kits in 3 different assembly options. Option 1 supplies the frame and fixtures only. The second selection provides all the materials required to fully enclose, or ‘lock up’, the building. The third stage option is a complete flat pack, where your contractors only need to follow the instructions and labelled sections. All the required fasteners are supplied. We can also install these for you!

What kind of steel do you manufacture and supply?

Superior Steel Frames exclusively uses Australian-made BlueScope TRUECORE Steel. Identified by it’s unique blue resin finish, TRUECORE is a zinc and aluminium alloy coated steel. Frames made from this steel are designed to resist a number of environmental factors and are backed by warranty of up to 50 years.

What are the benefits of building using steel frames?

In the past 30 years, steel framing has become incredibly popular in Australia for its many benefits, which include:


  • Less on-site waste material
  • Durable
  • Termite proof
  • Affordable
  • Less chemical treatments
  • Easy to handle & install
  • Lightweight
  • Design flexibility
  • Non-combustible
  • Recyclable
  • No dry rot
  • Eco-friendly designs

How can I reduce the risk of termites attacking my home?

Although many factors such as location, climate and construction type can affect your chances of termite infestation, the most definitive way of reducing your risk is to build using steel. Termites cannot eat steel frames under any circumstances.

Timber frames are also more vulnerable to weather events, fungal rot and other insects. If you’re in a termite-prone area, give Superior Steel Frames a call for an effective solution.

What makes steel frames eco-friendly?

Steel frames are 100% recyclable, and most Australian steel products are made from at least some recycled metals. When you build with Superior Steel Frames, all materials are pre-cut off site, further reducing the need for waste disposal and heavy machinery transport.

As termites and other insects cannot eat steel frames, there is far less need for the repeated use of chemical treatments and pest control. By building with steel you also go a long way to creating an allergen and dust-free interior.

Are steel-framed houses electrically safe?

With proper permanent earthing and safety switches installed, a steel-framed house is arguably safer than those built from alternative materials. Because steel is an excellent conductor any electrical shorting will be attracted to the frame and away from other flammable materials, thereby greatly reducing the chance of ignition.

Even lightning has less effect on steel, as the current is conducted straight into the ground instead of being dispersed throughout the area.

Is it true that steel frames are noisier than other materials?

No, it is a myth that steel expands and contracts, causing noise. Studies and surveys by the CSIRO have shown that movement caused by changes in temperature do not produce any noticeable noise in a properly insulated and constructed home. Many survey participants claimed there was actually less noise than their previous timber or brick veneer properties. In fact, as the frames aren’t directly exposed to the sun, they are unlikely to be affected by any significant heat changes.

What protects your steel from corrosion?

Superior Steel Frames only uses BlueScope TRUECORE® steel for our frames and housing kits. Each piece of raw steel is passed through a bath of molten zinc and aluminium alloy to create a protective coating.

When service holes are cut to enable other trades to install utilities around the frame, the exposed edges are still protected. This is because moisture will be drawn to a more active metal—in this case, the zinc and aluminium coating.

What are the most fire-resistant housing materials?

While no fully constructed house can be completely fireproof, choosing the right materials can potentially minimise the damage to your home. The CSIRO Division of Building Research has outlined some important features for constructing high fire resistance structures:


  • Steel wall frames
  • Concrete slab floor or elevated steel sub-flooring system
  • Elimination of timber components
  • Brick veneer external cladding

Even if you choose not to follow all of these recommendations, a steel frame alone can improve your protection against fire.