Superior Steel Frames provides a variety of lightweight, pre-assembled steel frame building components for owner-builders, builders, contractors and commercial enterprises. Our Atherton Tableland manufacturing plant operates 3 roll formers and a host of other specialty machinery. Combined with the latest engineering software, we have the capability to dramatically decrease lead times on your project.

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At Superior Steel Frames, we specialise in creating economically and environmentally friendly steel frame building components. Our fully computerised manufacturing plant produces wall frames to suit your specific designs and applications. The steel wall frames meet the Australian standards and the cyclonic building code.

Our steel frames are accurately prefabricated at our workshop in accordance with detailed engineering drawings. Cutting and wastage on-site are reduced to a minimum. The ease of construction minimises on-site labour cost, which in turn saves you money.


Ensure your next construction is built to last with our precision-engineered steel roof trusses. At our Atherton Tablelands plant, we have the capability of manufacturing a variety of different shaped trusses to meet the client’s needs. This allows architects to design larger open living areas without compromising structural strength.

Steel trusses have a number of other advantages over traditional timber designs, including:

  • Lightweight, therefore eliminating the use of cranes on-site
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Non-combustible
  • Termite & white ant proof 
  • Electrically safer
  • Less on-site cost

For more information on our steel materials, see our FAQs page.

Sub Floor Systems

Although our steel frames work well with concrete slab foundations, we also manufacture all the components for a steel sub floor system. These floors are suspended off the ground, making them ideal for sloping and rough-terrain sites.

Superior Steel Frames can supply cost-effective floor system to suit the slope of your land. Using a suspended system reduces the need to cut into the site, which saves you on earthmoving costs. Like all steel frame building components, the sub floor system is termite proof and doesn’t shrink or warp.

We supply and deliver:

  • Stumps (adjustable)
  • Stump bracing
  • Floor bearers
  • Floor joists

Fixings & Fasteners

Superior Steel Frames manufactures a proprietary range of brackets and fixings to ensure our steel frames and trusses are absolutely secure. We can supply and deliver the following components from our Atherton Tablelands manufacturing plant:

  • Screws
  • Cleats
  • Brackets
  • Bracings
  • Hold down bolts 

These small, but crucial components add up to creating versatile and strong buildings. You can view some of the large commercial projects we have completed in our gallery.

Structural Steel

Superior Steel Frames manufactures a range of structural steel components. We can supply and deliver the following components:

  • Patio beams & posts
  • Carport beams & posts
  • Veranda beams, posts & rafters
  • Roof battens
  • Steel ceiling battens